Monday, June 13, 2005

Guest Blogger

John H. sent me this which originally appeared in his blog. It's perfect Corrie Canuck material so he graciously let us use it for our little piece of the blogging world.

"Sad Sunita"

I think the writers of Coronation
have some kind of grudge against actress Shobna
, who plays Sunita Parekh (soon to be Sunita Alahan) on the show.

So far Sunita has:

- been disowned by her family for ducking out on an arranged marriage.
- Got engaged to Ciaran McCarthy, who ended up in prison for being AWOL from the navy. She then found out he didn't love her and left him on the altar.
- Found that her true love Dev had hooked up with bitchy ex-lawyer and
nutcase Maya
- Had a one-night stand with Danny Baldwin, whom she later found out was already married
- Thought she was carrying he child but wasn't because she...
- Had an aneurysm
- Had a brain tumour
- Was told her estranged father would like a meeting with her but stood her
up, leaving her sitting on a park bench in the rain..

And it gets even worse for her over the next month.

Sad, sad Sunita.

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MJ said...

Being expected to wear Maya's engagement ring!