Monday, June 06, 2005

Gay Pride Week on Corrie

So this week had some fantastic scenes and I think there was a definite theme to it vis-a-vis 'We're here! We're queer and we won't go away'.

1. Todd's speech at the Rovers was brill, although the 'Shut up Les' rebellion had a certain smell of cheese to it.

2. Haley's feelings about only ever being a transsexual in the eyes of the community was dead on. I could really feel for her when she went on about no matter what she accomplishes, people only see her as 'used to be a man'. Then Roy (I take it all back wot I said before 'bout you) was great telling her to use Todd as an example.

3. Karl telling Martin to back off was the BEST and a long time coming. I sometimes have mixed feelings about Karl, but this was right on the money. The 'I let you have the first one because of what you're daughter was going through, but not this time.' Martin seemed to have overlooked the that Karl is a good 10 years younger and in lot better shape. But cheers to Martin for having the maturity to go apologize to Todd.

4. All of which I think was a lead into introducing SEAN! OMG - I almost plotzed when he came into the shop and then to think that he's staying. I only hope that he won't be the 'only gay in the village' (Little Britain reference) - his character is great but perhaps a tad stereotypical. I'd like to see a balance there.

5. and then there's Jack in a dress - or maybe that's weird.

Other thoughts:

Maya - you are not Sunita, you are one crazy bitch.

Will someone on the street pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease adopt Chesney?

I've also been loving the Classic Corrie (it somehow justifies the ridiculous amount of money I spend on cable.)

Bet, Bet, Bet, Bet, Bet, Bet, Bet!


MJ said...

The writing was inspired this week. We can always count on Blanche for some zingers and she delivered once again with these ...
"College! It'll be full of homoSEXuals." Deirdre informs her that the word is 'gay' and Blanche responds, "Gay. Another word hijacked by hippies and liberals."

What's up with Deirdre and the mouth organ? Is there a future plot line in this?

Anonymous said...

Blanche was a riot this week. She's always worth a laugh or four.

And classic Corrie is a godsend. So much I don't know, and I get to see now.

BevJ said...

Great omnibus this week. I loved every minute of it.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know what Maya is up to? Yes I know the answer is "no good", but why was she looking through Sunitas papers?
Did I miss something or are we all in the dark. Boy, that maya...she so craaaaaaazy!

Pamer from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Jacqueline said...

I'm guessing some identity theft is in the works.

She is going to go complete mad won't be disappointed.

See, Dev, I think when someone throws canned vegetables at you.....leave, no forwarding address. It's a sign.

anyone said...

My theory about why Maya wants Sunita's birth certificate... she is going to do a quicky wedding - with Sunita's name, thereby blocking the 'real' Sunita from marrying Dev.

Just my guess... we'll have to stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

oooh...i like the quickie wedding idea!!! An poor Walid is caught in the middle. HA. Did anyone notice that Walid had a huge cut under his right eye? I wonder if Maya(Sunita) beat the crap outta him.


Jacqueline said...

K - I'm not too familiar with this Walid character, but he looks kind of like he might always have cut or bruise on his face.

Sorta hapless - perfect for Maya (EVIL!!!)