Thursday, May 26, 2005

You only have yourselves to blame

Today's question comes from last week's discussion...

If you had to choose - who would it be, Les or Fred?

I know that's dark - but hey, that's what I was given.


LDF said...

Les or Fred? I'd have to say Fred -- guaranteed to wine and dine me well. I'm guessing we would enjoy many of the same things. Les reminds me too much of a previous husband (not his looks, but his lack of responsibility, his "I'm such a stud" attitude, etc). Okay, which one would YOU pick???

anyone said...

Oh Jacqueline.... what kind of choice is that? I'd rather be single.

Jacqueline said...

I am evil, aren't I?

I'd have to go with Les, even though Fred would treat you like gold.

Unfortunately, I can't get past Fred's meat obsession. Which sounds weird, but I was raised in the west by an Albertan farmer and a French Canadian - I've had enough meat to last 4 life times. Everytime I hear him go on about some side of meat I get a little dizzy. I like it in small quantities.

Les I think I could for the most part ignore his idiot-sincracies. And there are times when Les can be decent and charming - I know I'm insane.

kowy said...

Les or Fred?
Hmm....tough call.

Les would be good for a drunken shag I suppose (if I were really, really, really drunk and not too picky). But, only if he were wearing his 'pulling' coat.

Fred would treat me like gold and I'd be sure to have a good roast dinner out of it. I just think his grating, I say, GRATING voice would drive me 'round the bend.

Come to think of it...there's not really anyone on the street I'd fancy too much. Well, except for Kevin.