Sunday, May 08, 2005

Update on Last Week

Because the CBC are a bunch of jerks (I've got SUCH a hate on for CBC to begin with...) I will try to give an update of this week's corrie for anyone who missed.

Dev's results for the colonoscopy (I'm not getting the dictionary - sorry) came back and he has a clean bill of health.

Sunita isn't pregnant, however, she did faint at the store while Dev was talking to her and he took her to the doctor to find out what was what. He's standing by her and after a few agonizing tests we discovered that she has a brain anerysim (REALLY not getting the dictionary). So she has yet more tests to get, she may have to get surgery and there is a very slim chance that she could die from this.

Maya meanwhile is a lunatic and got it into her head that Sunita was pregnant with Dev's child (the irony being that Frankie was the one to plant that thought in her head). So now she believes that Dev took Sunita to have a abortion.

Plus Maya had some hissy fit and started throwing canned vegetables at Dev and tried to smash up the shop. WHAT does this guy see in her?

Nick and Maria
FINISHED! Maria couldn't get past the pic that Leanne took, but also made a very valid point that Nick put her last always. Behind her mom, behind his career, etc. I can understand what she is saying.

She's really destroyed by it, but realizes that life with Nik would be pretty miserable. So he's off to Nottingham and she's still at the shop.

Danny and Frankie
Danny took a day off to go sell their house behind Frankie's back and she's been all up his butt with 'where were you'? Then the constables come around to the house to question Danny because Frankie's ex lover (forget his name) had the snot beaten out of him that Sunday. Danny's not responsible, but the whole situation has put some distrust between the two of them.

Cilla's been sneaking around trying to get Chesney to poison the relationship between Les and Janice.

Les and Janice came up with a game plan to allow Chesney to see his mom but still keeping Cilla at arms' length.

Cheers to Janice for staying strong, showing compassion to Chesney but also explaining the facts of life to him.

Jeers to Les for LETTING CILLA KISS HIM! Les, you are such an idiot.

Roy bought a surprise gift for Haley - a globe of the world circa 1756 - because what woman wouldn't want that. After she inspected it and found out where Upper Canada, Siam, Constantinople and Gaul were, they had a lenghty discussion of travel.

They end up deciding to explore this blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England(I can't spell, but I can quote). Roy immediately went out and bought some crap camper for Haley to drive.

Also, word on the UK Soap awards (one small spoiler in article, but kind of interesting)


MJ said...

Tracy's win as 'Soap Bitch of the Year' is a double whammy. She won the same award in 2003. Making her Uberbitch! Cheers to Chesney for winning the 'Best Dramatic Performance from a Young Actor.'

Mrs. Mystic said...

yes Les really irked me, too but he's so hilarious - i think my favourite line ever that came out of his mouth was, "Compared to Kirk, I'm a mastermind!"

anyone said...

I haven't had any probs getting my regular Corrie coverage.

I loved the Maya scene at Sunita's apartment. (I'm not sure if you've seen that one yet, so I won't say more). I think the woman who plays Maya is actually a very good actress... I'm sitting at the edge of my seat because I'm sure there will be some more great scenes with her. Maya is a definate wacko!