Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Rise and Fall of Sue Nicholls

There's our Audrey as the sexy secretary.

The Fall and Rise of Reginal Perrin was a great show. I think they should start a 'old britcom' channel, show all those shows. Especially Dave Allen and On the Buses.

Wednesday's Question
Which character needs to be shipped off to Canada for a few years and brought back in a new (more evil or nicer) form?

OH, I forgot to tell you - my favorite quote from last week was when BOTH Leanne and Maria called Gail a 'whiney bitch of a mother-in-law'

It felt so good that I had to watch it twice more on time shift t.v. - and I mouthed the words with them.


MJ said...

The good news is that some old Britcoms are on video now including 'On the Buses.' But you're right. We need an all-Britcoms-all-the-time channel.

I'm voting Gail off the Island. Never to return.

Mrs. Mystic said...

Audrey looks great in that photo! Actually i would love for Karen to have some kind of attitude adjustment - she is out of control and throws far too many temper tantrums. And how about that Frankie with her constant nagging about, did you beat up Vinnie? No but keep it up sugar .....

BevJ said...

My vote would be Gail too. I also agree about the Brit sitcoms re-visited...I'd like to see On the Buses again as well as Bless this House.

LDF said...

I'm for shipping Gail off somewhere for a nice long break! She seriously needs an attitude adjustment.

anyone said...

How about Tracey? No, never mind, if I saw her on my street I'd never forgive myself.