Monday, May 23, 2005

Rear of the Year

“Nice bum” says Janice Battersby as she ogles Jamie Baldwin’s posterior. Could Jamie be the next ‘Rear of the Year’ winner? The contest is open to both men and women. Previous Coronation Street winners include Sarah Lancashire (our Raquel Watts) winner 1993, and Tracy Shaw (our Maxine Peacock) winner 1996.

Other winners include these Corrie keisters….

Jane Danson (our Leanne Battersby) winner 2000

Scott Wright (our Sam Kingston) winner 2002

The following Corrie stars look like they may be gearing up for an award…

Samia Ghadie (our Maria Sutherland)

Nikki Sanderson (our Candice Stowe) and Tina O’Brien (Sarah Platt)

The next winners for ‘Rear of the Year’ will be chosen on September 14, 2005. Go here to nominate your choices.

For those wishing to glimpse more male Corrie cabooses, go here.


Jacqueline said...

What the HELL? Why oh why do the actresses that play Sarah and Candice feel the need to pose half naked? lord.

I'm getting old, right?

MJ - you crack me up, again WHERE do you find these pics?

MJ said...

It was a toss-up between posting a photo of Candice and Sarah in their frillies or Jack Duckworth in his orange lycra bicycle shorts. Decisions, decisions.

norman david said...

love sarahs frilly panties wonder if she wears them under her day wear