Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Question for May 17th, 2005

Okay, before anything...what's with the Kieran beefcake shots this week? NOT that I'm complaining and I think I'm begining to gain a certain 'appreciation' of our favorite Irishman - but it kind of comes out of the blue. (Please don't let him and Tracey get togehter.)

This weeks question, after watching Haley and Roy interact last week, I have to wonder, 'Do you think Haley could have done better?'

Despite her deep dark secret, I just think that he's just far too much of a walley and she could have done a bit better. Maybe it's just me. Opinions? (I think it would be hilarious if she ended up having an affair.)

More Corrie sitings. On the "One" channel they have a show called, 'Fat Friends' on monday nights from England. I spy with my little eye, Angela from Corrie.

Not That There's Anything Wrong With That Siting
Also, we were watching Dr. Who last night and I pointed out to my hubby (who watches Corrie St. in the sense that it invades brain when I have it playing)that Todd was a character on Dr. Who.

Hubby, 'Todd?'

Moi, 'The guy who came out of the closet a few weeks ago. Engaged to Sarah. Remember, Gay Todd.'

Hubby, 'Oh right, Gay Todd.'

So throughout the whole thing we're like, 'What's Gay Todd doing now?' 'Hey, look out Gay Todd!' 'I thought Gay Todd was here for three episodes.'

Finally hubby said that perhaps we were sounding like jerks, the actor had a real name - I concurred.

Doesn't matter, I think Gay Todd is off Dr.Who for good.


MJ said...

I like Roy too much for Hayley to stray and besides, he loves her. Having said that, Hayley having a bit on the side would be the stuff that TV ratings are made of. Our favourite Oirishman seems headed for some crazy couplings with Penny and Tracy. Not to mention offering to grate cheese on Sunita’s beans on toast…again. So it’s only a matter of time before Ciaran gets a legover Hayley.

Is it any wonder Ciaran’s in his undies? He has to compete with Jamie’s obligatory-in-every-episode shirtlessness!

Jacqueline said...

Black undies? Oodles of tattoos on muscular arms?

Finally, a television show that speaks to me!

I think Roy gets under my skin too much. I guess this week he's been exceptionally annoying.

LDF said...

Oi! Why're y'all picking on steady sweet Roy for??? He may not be the cream of high society, but he has a brill mind and ... occasionally ... a right droll sense of humor! I watch Corrie 'cuz of its realism. While the naughty boys are fine for a fling, sure and steady is truly closer to reality.

Having said that, Hayley having a bit on the side would be totally fascinating, even if it would break poor Roy's gentle heart. Can't you just hear what Les Battersby would have to say about THAT?!?