Monday, May 30, 2005

Oh COME on!

Look, I don't know WHO over at BBC thought they could be judge and jury on which characters are the 'hunks' and which are mere mortals - but whoever they are, they owe us an apology.

Oh sure, I sat through blah, blah, Ken Barlow, blah, blah Nick Tilsley (and his bullet nipples), blah, blah that schmo Karen fell for....

But precisely WHERE was the alpha male?

You know of course, I'm speaking of that pantheon of British machoness, one Mr.Percy Sugden.

Shame on you BBC, for shame!

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John said...

Just a quick note of clarification, Corrie is broadcast on the private network ITV, not BBC. The Beeb's big soap is Eastenders, which I think Corrie is turning into if they keep on importing Baldwins.

Official website (contains spoilers).