Saturday, May 07, 2005

Mums on the Street

Here is my contribution to Mother’s Day:

Printworks in Manchester did a survey asking people to name the mum that they would least like to be related to. Cilla, Janice, Tracey and Gail all made the list.

Personally, I would rate Cilla (Monster Mum) as number 1.

The votes cast by over 1000 visitors to The Printworks and to are:

1. Lizzie Bardsley from Channel 4’s Wife Swap - 22%

2. Cilla Brown from Coronation Street (played by Wendi Peters) – 19%

3. Jade Goody from Big Brother 2 – 14%

4. Janice Battersby from Coronation Street (Vicky Entwistle) – 11%

5. Tracey Barlow (Kate Ford) from Coronation Street – 10%

6. Gail Tilsley (Helen Worth) from Coronation Street – 8%

7. Margaret Thatcher– 6%

8. Christine Hamilton – 5%

9. Sharon Osbourne – 3%

10. Barbara Royle (Sue Johnston) in The Royle Family – 2%


Jacqueline said...

I'd actually rate Gayle and #1. At least you could walk away from Cilla - Gayle is one of 'those' moms...what's the difference between a pit bull and Gayle? A pit bull evenutally lets go.

Welcome aboard MJ!!

Mrs. Mystic said...

Gail - it's gotta be Gail as #1....i believe she's getting worse.

Radmila said...

Gayle yes...absolutely.
But, Tracey has the potential to be Child Protection Service worthy.
Time will tell.

MJ said...

As Nick is struggling to cut the apron strings and flee to Nottingham (Go Nick go!) Gail laments her emotional attachment to him saying, "I wish there was a switch inside me that I could flick." Gail, I wish you had an 'Off' switch too!

MJ said...

Don’t get me started on Stagedoor Sally pushing tone-deaf daughter
Dozy Webster, er, Rosie Wobster, into the limelight. Then there’s Bev, who shagged her daughter Shelley’s boyfriend Charlie. IS there a good mum on the Street?

Jacqueline said...

Eileen. I think Eileen is the only good mom.

BevJ said...

I agree with Jacqueline and say that Eileen is the only decent mother on the street. I would also vote for Cilla to be the worst mother. Gail is the way she is because she loves her children (Heaven help them), but I don't think Cilla loves hers at all.