Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Maya: Classically trained or annoying?

As my first post, I have to comment on Maya's acting. Her every move is overdone: When she broke into Sunita's house with the purloined key, she looked at the key, then around the block, then back to the door before putting the key in the lock. When she says something "evil", she cocks an eyebrow or offers us an evil smirk. When she is happy with Dev, she's all over him; when she's mad, she flails and grimaces and her voice quavers like Mariah Carey on a high note. She reminds me of an actress from a silent movie where every move is telegraphed with over-the-top actions.

My mother wonders if she is classically trained so her actions are meant to be seen by an audience member in the back of the theatre. But I've seen her in other programmes ("Rescue Me", I think it was called) and she wasn't as irritating. She reminds me of Homer Simpson's comments about how you can tell the dog in the movie is evil -- he has those shifty eyes.

One of the hallmarks of Corrie is "realism" of the actors, the sets, the stories...maybe that's why Maya seems out of place to me. She reminds me of the local drama queen whose every movement is for show. She poses, she preens, she makes a meal out of her every line. I can't wait until Dev finally dumps her and realizes Sunita is the one for him!!! (A guess, not a spoiler...I just like those two together!)

(Argh...I'm watching an episode from a few weeks ago, and she just did the key thing again! We know you have a key. We know you think you're being naughty. Why do you have to look at the key in that slightly strange way??? Now she's going through Sunita's date book! She sees "doctor's clinic" noted there and looks up wistfully, as if in thought! Argh!)

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Jacqueline said...

Welcome aboard!!!

Maya as Sniddley Whiplash...hmmm. I think you are right, my friend.