Friday, May 13, 2005

I'll Drink To That!

Just in time for the weekend. It’s the Coronation Street Drinking Game!

Fred Elliot forgets to use his indoors voice - 2 Drinks
Someone says "Nowt" - 3 Drinks
Blanche Hunt insults someone - 1 Drink

Click here for instructions.


Radmila said...

You'd be drunk before the first half hour was over.

kowy said...

I'd forgotten all about that game.

I've been watching Corrie since the day I was born so I had to make sure that the Mr. gets well and truly hooked too.

Now, if only Cilla would get run over by a bus.....

John said...

Preferably one driven by Claire...

Anonymous said...

Les Battersby yells at someone - 1 Drink
You understand less than half of what he says - 2 Drinks
Les starts a sentence with "Oi!" - 1 Drink

Now, understanding Patrick would have to be a whole drink...I find his accent the worst of the lot.

BevJ said...

Oops, Anon was me

Jacqueline said...

Oi! 'Ow come none of my comments show up.

I 'ope, I say, I 'ope it 'as nowt to do with me.

What I HAD typed but it didn't come through is this is game is going to revolutionize my sunday mornings.

'Is Auntie Jacqueline sick, mommy?'

'No, she just had too much 'tea'.'

BevJ said...

Jacqueline, you are too funny.