Sunday, May 22, 2005

I Could Have Plotzed

When Ashley came out with the 'I'm not Josh's dad' comment. In fact, did I hear him correctly? If this is something that was known from a way back, don't tell me. I came in just shortly after Maxine was offed. (I'm also getting a little sick of how sensitive Claire and Aahley are. They're constantly offending each other. blech.)

Favorite moments:

Kirk is going on about bloated rats and Les says, 'It's Sunday!' invoking that long standing British tradition of not speaking of deceased rodents on Sunday.

Kieran says he wouldn't sleep with Penny for 50,000 - cause he's worth 100,000. I love it!

This one is for Uta. When Eileen is going on about being with Harry 'stuck in Germany on the Autobahn while Harry tries to fix the crank shaft.' Of course I'm trying to quickly translate 'Krankshaft' into English.

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Ciaran's Mum said...

Yes Ashley did in fact say he's not Josh's dad. This unfolded just after Maxine was offed by psyco Richard Hillman. I won't offer any other details (unless your curious, of course).

I loved Ciaran's line as well, hubby and I had a great laugh. He's been given some great lines by the writers in the past. My absolute favourite was back in March when poor Fred Elliott was writing up his internet dating profile, in it Fred said he had "Movie Star Good Looks". After Fred leaves the room, Shelley jokes about it and Ciaran says to her, "And it won't be 'til she gets here 'til she realizes that the film star he looks like is...(chuckle, chuckle)... Shrek!!" The writers have a good time with him.