Friday, May 20, 2005

Happy Birthday Betty

Born May 20, 1920

Betty Driver (Corrie’s Betty Williams) has been serving pints to punters at the Rovers since 1969. She’s famous for ‘Betty’s Hotpot’ but in real life she’s a vegetarian. Her book, ‘Betty: The Autobiography’ was published in 2000.

Betty Driver facts:

Made her first stage appearance at age 9. Won a bottle of toffees for being the loudest singer.

Turned pro at age 11, singing in variety all over Manchester. Stage mother Nellie was determined to turn our Betty into a star as they toured the country without holidays or rest.

Built a successful career as one of Britain’s top dance-band singers.

Had her own radio series, ‘A Date with Betty’ and her own TV show, ‘The Betty Driver Show.’

Ran a county pub in Derbyshire with her sister Freda and their father. Betty was discovered pulling pints in the pub by a Corrie producer and the rest is history.


Jacqueline said...

I love Betty.

Mainly because she reminds me of my mother (If you made Betty Quebecois/Scottish).

Happy B-Day gal!

MJ - thanks for your research - it's quite amazing!

LDF said...

I love Betty too. She reminds me of a very close family friend when I was a wee lass, "Grama B" ... good advice when you needed it along with a good swift tongue lashing when necessary ... the perfect combo of marshmallow/tough! Happy Birthday Betty!