Sunday, May 15, 2005

Corrie Quips

One of my favourite things about Coronation Street is the quick backtalk that goes on.
This mornings examples:

Blanche talking about Frankie:
"She's got more front than Woolworths".
(I remember Woolworths)

Kevin talking to Sally about Dev & Steve's service contract:
"I don't care if he passes wind through the service hatch"
BTW, Sally is really, really bugging me. And Rosie needs a foot up her ass.

Deidre talking to Tracy about the baby crying:
"So then, I'll go upstairs and tell her to pack it in, shall I?"
How long do you think it'll be before Child Welfare takes the kid way?

Did I miss any?

I like the storyline with lazy Sarah Louise in the Salon.
I think it's hilarious how she throws around the fact that her grandmother owns the shop, and how it's going to be hers when she "kicks it". I like how she irritates Maria and Candice, and I like how none of them take any shit from her.

On to other things.
Sunita and Dev.
Gonna happen or no?
I think that eventually Maya will go crazed like that nutbar Gail was married to.
But, I think that Maya will go the poison route.

How about the new romance possibilities of Leanne and that little weasel that just came into town? I think it could be pretty entertaining.


Mrs. Mystic said...

Maya is definitely walking that thin line that separates inmates from all the others....course I KNOW stuff that's going to happen - my addiction is far-reaching......

BevJ said...

How about when Sally asked Rosie's where-abouts and Sophie replied, "she rang to say she'd be late because she's doing drugs and having a disco"? I LOL'd at that one.

Radmila said...

Don't tell me mrs mystic.

Sophie is a funny little thing.
I like how she likes to keep the focus on Rosie so that Sally will leave her alone.
She's passive aggressive, Sophie is.
I still want to put a foot up Rosies ass though.