Thursday, May 19, 2005

Cilla vs. Maya: Battle of the Smirks!

How can I slag Maya's acting but laugh at Cilla's? Even though I swear they both attended the British Academy of Soap Over Acting, majoring in over the top facial expressions, minoring in sidelong smirks and eyebrow cocks, with a focus on yelling and screaming when talking would do, Maya graduated summa cum laude while Cilla hung out behind the sheds having a smoke while giggling about which boys were fittest.

So why don't I despise Cilla and her poor man's impression of Marilyn Monroe? She's fighting over Les Battersby for God's sake -- how can that story line be seen as anything other than a bit of fun? Whereas we are supposed to believe that Maya is a serious woman, an intelligent solicitor who destroyed her career and is well on her way to destroying her relationship with others because of her overemotional behaviour.

Having said all this, if I met Cilla in real life I'd probably grab Chesney and run away! As a social worker, I've seen more than my share of boys like him, tired of moving from place to place and having "uncle" after "uncle", forced to grow up so he can parent himself and his own mother. And when he finally settles down in one place with people who love him and offer him stability, his slaggy mother ruins it all by returning to Uncle Ronnie, destroying his family yet again. I hope we haven't seen the last of little Chensey -- his acting skills are on par with any of the adults and his scenes with Schmichael bring a tear to my eye!

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