Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Update April 27th

So who almost plotz when Sunita announced that she thought she was pregnant? I'm glad that she wasn't because I just couldn't take that after Sarah's situation. I hope Dev dumps Maya for her.

BTW, did something happen between those two last week? I missed the last two episodes and they seem very cozy.

Liz is back - ugh. I know that Karen is a bitch too, but between the two of them I tend to side with Karen. There's something creepy about Liz as the over protective mom.

I'm also surprised at Rita and Emily putting up so much opposition to the Alf fountain. I thought they were good friends of his. I know they're worried about the money, but you'd think that they'd be okay with it because it's Alf.

I always really liked Alf and loved the relationship between him and Audrey. They were such a good couple.

Corrie Special
Anyone else watch the Corrie Street special Episode 2. It was all things Tracey Barlow. I wasn't sure I could handle a T.B. hour, but it was pretty good. A lot more interesting than the fashion episode.

Okay, I think it's time for the first ever Corrie Canuck Social. I think this group needs a pub night, don't you? I know that half our people are outside of T.O. but we can take lots of photos.

Alternatively, the BC chapter can have their own pub night and mock us back in Hogtown with it.

Anyway, I'm thinking maybe in a couple of weeks we do a Corrie Pub night? All Corrie fans and spouses welcomed.

Just a pitch to get the word out there - if you know of any Corrie fans who don't read this blog let them know. Also, again if anyone wants to be a co-author, let me know and I'll set you up.

Well, cheers - oh, I've got a very good question for this week. Tune in on Wed.


Mrs. Mystic said...

oh I don't like Liz very much either but I'm hating the way Karen is being so smarmey about Steve's house - and her constant spending of money and whining about it makes me nuts.
Rita and Emily just got their tax bills from the council and believe that that money will be used to pay for the fountain which the general public won't be able to they're thinking is that what happens to our tax dollars?
pub night - an EXCELLENT IDEA! we have to have a referendum as to where tho'.....
BTW, what happened to the second installment from 12 - 2 on sunday? it was a repeat of the first wasn't it? I thought it was supposed to be all new stuff....

BevJ said...

Mrs. Mystic, I'm glad I'm not the only one who saw that the second installment Sunday was a repeat of the first installment. I had to go to the CSVU site to see that all I missed in-between.

Anonymous said...

Best line of the week:
Audrey to Emily, Rita, Deirdre and Blanche as they plot against the Alf monument....
"Look at ya! You're like a superannuated Sex and the City!"
Audrey is spot on once again when she refers to Norris as a "big girl's blouse." Someone had to say it.
And let's have more drunken Hayley!

Lola said...

Oops. Anonymous above was actually me, Lola. I'll get the hang of this posting thing eventually. By the way, who else is out there from B.C. and do you want to get together?

LDF said...

Hey! Another Lola! (I'm a Lola-Dawn). Hello! What's this about a B.C. get-together? Have I missed something?

Lola (aka MJ) said...

Jacqueline suggested the BC chapter have their own pub night since the Toronto chapter are planning one. I'm in Vancouver. Where are you?

LDF said...

I'm in Prince George ... a little too far from Vancouver for a pub night at the moment, Lola aka mj. But I COULD be travelling down that way toward the end of August ...