Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Question of the Week

So I'm hoping that I will remember to do this, but I thought I might get a 'Question of the Week' started to hold us over until the weekend Corrie is shown.

So here it is:

'If you lived in Weatherfield, who would be your mates?'

I'm thinking Sanita and Shelly. I might be friend with Ashley and Claire, but I think they're probably a little too mmmmmm 'settled' for my liking. I also like Fizz but she might be a bit too young.

BTW - I met the loverly Radmila today over lunch. We chowed down on Vietnamese food and a nice gossip session about Corrie!

She is as fab in real life as she is in bloggy land.


anyone said...

Oh, my pals would definately be Sunita and Shelley. I would steer clear of Tracey like she had the plague!

Radmila said...

Definitely Sunita...even Eileen.
I think Shelly and I would get along ok.
If I could get on that street, I would so tell off both Sally and Gail who both bug me to no end.

Thanks again for meeting me for lunch Jacqueline, and next time we can go to my "good vietnamese place" are just as witty as I imagined you'd be.

anyone said...

Oh, I love Vietnamese! If I get to Toronto can I come?

Jacqueline said...


Sorry, but no.

People from BC are not allowed to eat Vietnamese here. Myself, I was banned for the first 15 years I lived here.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I'm putting you on!

Yes, come eat Vietnamese.

In fact, if you ever make it to this city, I say we order in Vietnamese and have a big Corrie fest.

Mrs. Mystic said...

ooh ooh i need to eat Vietnamese, too! but of course we'd have to go to a British pub at some point and discuss all the finer points of C. Street i.e. Gail's hair, Sally's attitude, Martin's pathetic-ness, Vera's wigs and jack in spandex shorts!

Radmila said...

oh let's time Jacqueline and I meet for're coming Mrs Mystic!!!

Uta...I'm totally in.

Lola said...

Best British pub in Toronto? The Feathers. 962 Kingston Road. (416) 694-0443.

Jacqueline said...

um....I need the English pub thingy... seriously

Where's kingston road? That sounds pretty far away.

BevJ said...

I think I would be friends with Eileen...she could use a friend.

Lola said...

The Feathers is on the north west corner of Scarborough Road and Kingston Road. (near Victoria Park Ave.) The Beaches is nearby. Great beer. Good grub. And one of the best single malt collections in Canada!
Accessible by TTC. See their website for directions....

Radmila said...

Ohhhh...Kingston Rd?

Jacqueline, don't you get a nosebleed east of Yonge?

Mrs. Mystic said...

I think you need a passport to go east of Broadview don't you?