Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Update April 27th

So who almost plotz when Sunita announced that she thought she was pregnant? I'm glad that she wasn't because I just couldn't take that after Sarah's situation. I hope Dev dumps Maya for her.

BTW, did something happen between those two last week? I missed the last two episodes and they seem very cozy.

Liz is back - ugh. I know that Karen is a bitch too, but between the two of them I tend to side with Karen. There's something creepy about Liz as the over protective mom.

I'm also surprised at Rita and Emily putting up so much opposition to the Alf fountain. I thought they were good friends of his. I know they're worried about the money, but you'd think that they'd be okay with it because it's Alf.

I always really liked Alf and loved the relationship between him and Audrey. They were such a good couple.

Corrie Special
Anyone else watch the Corrie Street special Episode 2. It was all things Tracey Barlow. I wasn't sure I could handle a T.B. hour, but it was pretty good. A lot more interesting than the fashion episode.

Okay, I think it's time for the first ever Corrie Canuck Social. I think this group needs a pub night, don't you? I know that half our people are outside of T.O. but we can take lots of photos.

Alternatively, the BC chapter can have their own pub night and mock us back in Hogtown with it.

Anyway, I'm thinking maybe in a couple of weeks we do a Corrie Pub night? All Corrie fans and spouses welcomed.

Just a pitch to get the word out there - if you know of any Corrie fans who don't read this blog let them know. Also, again if anyone wants to be a co-author, let me know and I'll set you up.

Well, cheers - oh, I've got a very good question for this week. Tune in on Wed.

Question of the Week

So I'm hoping that I will remember to do this, but I thought I might get a 'Question of the Week' started to hold us over until the weekend Corrie is shown.

So here it is:

'If you lived in Weatherfield, who would be your mates?'

I'm thinking Sanita and Shelly. I might be friend with Ashley and Claire, but I think they're probably a little too mmmmmm 'settled' for my liking. I also like Fizz but she might be a bit too young.

BTW - I met the loverly Radmila today over lunch. We chowed down on Vietnamese food and a nice gossip session about Corrie!

She is as fab in real life as she is in bloggy land.

Monday, April 25, 2005

updates will be more frequent

okay - so I haven't been commenting the last little while - because quite frankly the whole sarah's baby thing was just toooooooooooooooooooooooooooo depressing.

I did watch the Corrie Street special this week which focused on the clothes of Corrie and I have to say I was a little disappointed, mainly because I don't care about the clothes that Maria wears. But just before I started to switch the channel, they brought on the Queen.

OH YES, I bow before you! You are my all time goddess fashion queen!

God bless you, seriously, god bless you and your matching leopard skin purse.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Holy Cow

Just when I gave up all hope of it ever happening... just when I was about to turn off the telly 3 minutes before the end - doesn't Todd come out with it.

'I'm gay.'

I was in the bedroom watching this as a repairman was in our hallway, so I'm sure he's wondering what all this, "Holy Crap!" commotion was all about.

So I'm dying to see what happens and in an hour I will...poor Sarah but thank God it's over.

Don't forget hour long episodes this week.

Does anyone know if it's hour long just this week or for the next while? Why are they doing this? To catch up?