Monday, March 28, 2005


I was going to say last weeks episodes were a bit of a yawn fest, but then I rememebered the janice/les storyline.

Was anyone else a little taken aback when he was telling her how he didn't care what happened the next day, he just wanted a night with her? Les was positively romantic without being a jackass there - I mean he was actually seductive. I for one, was suprised.

Chesney was extremely cute with his face asking Les for money and such - that kid keeps getting cuter. Although, I will say, I think I actually sided with Norris on the candy/chips issue. He was right to tell him that you can't get everything you want - so I don't know why Rita snuck the chips in behind his back. Shouldn't this little guy be learning to respect his elders a bit? What kind of signal did Rita send out.

What else happened? Maybe my brain is foggy.


Mrs. Mystic said...

don't forget Shelley's rather sad attempts with her mom's ex-flame....i do enjoy watching Bev go mental tho'. Sad to see what Fred is putting himself through - want to slap his big face back to reality.

LDF said...

I'm so very frustrated with "Orchid" and Fred's supposedly good buddy for taking advantage of Fred's loneliness and sweet disposition! It's the two of them I want to slap! How come nobody has checked out Fred's supposed internet advertisement?

So is Todd & Sarah's wedding going to happen? Or is the whole Todd/Karl thing going to blow up? I did get a good laugh out of that poor old dear (patient) stuck between the two of them at the hospital the other day, didn't you? That was truly a great "walk-on" bit of acting!

LDF said...
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Jacqueline said...

I don't know, if I were getting ready for surgery, I think I'd like a bit of dinner theatre beforehand.