Friday, March 04, 2005


okay - I got to remember to blog more often on this! Eek.

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Now, Eileen in my opinion gets mom of the year award. She really loves her kids.

I love the interaction between her Todd. The script has been fantastic because you can see this mom trying to help her son and work through this problem, but not being able to leave 'sarah's not good enough for you' issue alone, which in turn makes him turn away from mom. This kind of pulling away and coming back action I find really natural. Can't you see that happening in real life?

I almost fell off my chair btw, when Sarah had the baby scare. I thought - man that's just far too cruel of a plot twist.


LDF said...

I agree that the interaction between Todd & Eileen was extremely real ... so real that I was extremely annoyed with her for talking to Carl behind Todd's back! Actually, I'm getting a little tired of the whole Todd/Carl/gay issue already. Anybody else???

What do you all think about the Cilla and poor our Chesney dynamics? That scene with the wee lad standing in the street clutching his puppy as mummy disappeared in a taxi was a bit of a heartbreaker!

Jacqueline said...

I do agree that they should have come up with a better resolution than him staying with Sarah and seeing Karl on the side. They need to bring that to a real resolution.