Sunday, March 20, 2005

Treasures and such

My thoughts on Sunday's episode.

I KNEW there was something fishy about buddy's mail order bride! I was wondering why the hell if she was from Thailand she had an English accent. God, can't the writers just pull in some suitable lady friend from our Fred? Did y'all see the pic of his youthful self? Not too shabby.

Come into the light Todd, come out of the G.D. closet! It drove me nuts seeing him and Karl obviously liking each other beyond just the sex. Although, on some level (call me evil or just living vicariously through them) the elicit affair is kind of exciting.

So - from my sister's place, I have scored two books 'Coronation Street - 25 Years' and 'The Language of Coronation Street'. Woo-hoo!

From 'Coronation Street - 25 Years' here's what happened the month I was born (Aug 1966 - for those of you who are curious):

Jerry seeks a divorce from Myra and runs into opposition from her father, George Dickinson. A glowing Annie is nominated by Colonel and Mrs. Atkinstall as a candidate for the Federation of Women's Associations in the local election.

Annie is horrified when Jack insults the Colonel at a British Legion reunion, but all is not lost - Mrs. Arkinstall diplomatically praises Jack's 'unyielding qualities'.


Who the hell are all these people?

Anyway, if you want, let me know your birthdate and I'll dig up what happened.


Anonymous said...

ooh I almost forgot - I went to the British Isles show here in Toronto and Bruce Jones aka Les Battersby was there - he's actually REALLY thin and tall. His complexion is, shall we say, very ruddy - he was getting polaroids taken with fans in front of a large poster of the street. He is really really funny - had a great time.

sonja aka Mrs. Mystic said...

My other comment didn't post so I'm trying again - I came here via Radmila's blog - i am the HUGEST C. Street fan - been watching for almost 30 years....(yes it makes me over 40....)some tidbits: Fred the butcher in real life is actually gay....when Curly went on vacation he was actually in rehab...when Emily Bishop first started acting as a young woman, she was considered something of a "vamp". Deirdre has a summer home on the Mediterranean side of Spain (Costa del Sol) and is a chain smoker who had breast cancer (the treatment happened when she was in jail on C.Street).....hmm what else - I love the gay Todd storyline - about time some current issues were introduced.....Ken Barlowe is the only original member left (he even beat out Mike Baldwin). He was in the very first episode. And poor Fred - will they never find a woman for him?

Jacqueline said...

woo ho mrs. mystic!

I did know that Curly had a drinking problem... but Fred gay? Cool, but wow! (I can see it now.)

Let send me an email if you want me to put you on as an author too. That goes for everyone, the more the merrier.

Sonja or Mrs Mystic said...

Hello Jacqueline,
forgot to say that Annie is Annie Walker and her husband's name was Jack - she used to run the corner shop (owned after her by Alf who married Audrey). That was a long time ago....

Jacqueline said...

Didn't Annie run the Rovers Return at some point? I seem to remember that from when Bette was a barmaid

anyone said...

Oh oh, I have that book as well. I get a kick of the character's photos - especially Rita - she looks soooo young, and the picture seems to be before her 'big red hair' days. And Deirdre... She looks so geeky! I'm glad she finally ditched those huge glasses.
The most changed, in my opinion... Blanche. I had to do a double take before I realized who the photo was of.

Mrs. Mystic said...

oops my mistake - got Mrs. Tanner confused with Elsie Foyle.....don't want to mislead any ardent fans now! More tidbits? ok remember Raquel who Curly was married to and has a daughter in France? In real life her husband produces those fabulous dinosaur documentaries for the BBC.