Sunday, March 20, 2005

I'm Here!!!

Thank you to Uta for the welcome.
I've been a Coronation Street fan for well over a decade, and now I have the opportunity to spew about it here.

A few quick observations:

Ok, let's start with Candice.
I love the thorn that is Maria trying to talk logic to a thick chick being taken advantage of by a guy. Maria (and the rest of us) have noticed that Tim only comes around when he wants a bit of bum, and then he's off.
What's up with having a romp right in the middle of your roommates birthday party?
He didn't even stay for a drink..
How long will it be before we meet his wife or girlfriend?

Can someone please comb Brittany's hair?

Les has designs on Janis again, and the thing I most love is how whenever Les is dressing to impress, he always pulls out that old 1980's hair band jacket.

I can't wait for Todd to come out of the closet so that Gail can go off her head and make a spectacle of herself on Rosamund Street.

I also am waiting for the return of psycho Maja's antics.
She's real villain material.

Last but not least, am I the only one who's noticed that Karen has had her orbs augmented? That and hair extensions...

I love how Steve pretended to take her credit cards away...

Well, that's all from me for now....


Jacqueline said...

hey baby! How did you get the Les jacket pic up so quickly? He was like wearing it on today's show and BOOM you got it up!

I love you!

Why does Les have some kind of endearing quality for me? Is that wrong?

sonja aka Mrs. Mystic said...


Jacqueline said...

High five Sonja!

Yuck - that is one character I kind of wish they'd ditch.

sonja aka mrs.mystic said...

before they ditch Gail, I'd pay good money to see her on "What Not To Wear" or Extreme Makeover - definitely a chin implant and she's gotta do something about her hair.....

Anonymous said...

I think the actress who plays Karen is/was pregnant in real life at the time, which would explain her larger breasts.

Jacqueline said...

Hmmm. Audrey, Gail, Sarah.

Does good looks jump a generation?

Okay - that was mean, but I think it needed to be said.

I think the lack of chin is something that bugs me.