Monday, March 14, 2005


Am I the ONLY one who couldn't understand everyone's indifference to Chesney?

Everyone's 'well he can't stay here' attitude kind of amazed me. Why does foster care seem so acceptable to everyone on the show?

But then again, I've been kind of stressed about how the dogs have been fairing also. All through all the other human drama I kept freaking out, 'Where in the HELL is the greyhound?' I get easily distracted by that.

The mail-order bride thing kind of makes my skin crawl and I really hope Fred doesn't go down that route. I LOVED Betty's face though behind him while they were talking, too funny.

Ashley wants to know why Claire lied to her mom? um, cause mom seems a little certifiable. But good for Claire not moving directly into his home. I think she needs the space.

Gossip that I heard this weekend is that Ian McKellen will be joining the show in about 3 months. So I guess that means we won't seem him for 9 months - and I believe he's coming on as an art dealer.


anyone said...

Were is the photo from? Does it relate to the discussion? It looks like an extremely young Ken.

I've missed a few episodes lately, but Fred and mail order bride sounds like an awesome story line... Fred has to find a wife somewhere!

Jacqueline said...

Oh I just found the photo on the web and threw it in to jazz up the site. I really like the young Ken.

I hope Fred finds a wife but the mail order bride is really weird. His friend has a girl he met on the internet from Thailand and this chickie spent the first half of the show being caddy (yup, lugging around the golf clubs) and the second half running around the Rovers fetching drinks.

Anyone want to bet that Cilla comes back and tries to claim Chesney?

anyone said...

Chesney's such a cute kid! He really brings something to the show - a sad innocence. You can bet he'll just get settled in with Les or Fizz and have a stable life and that B***** will try to get him back. I just can't understand how Cilla could just up and leave her child! How selfish! But, then again she must have done the same to Fizz.

I like Fizz - she's a strong character with a good sense of responsibility and what is right or wrong. Hard to believe she is Cilla's daughter.

LDF said...

Woo hoo! The mail order bride thing for our Fred has taken a bit of a creepy turn, has it not? (I don't think I'm giving away anything important for those Sunday viewers...) While I'm here, any suggestions as to why young Chesney is skipping classes and putting himself in danger of social services stepping in? Is this a little self-sabotage?