Monday, March 28, 2005


I was going to say last weeks episodes were a bit of a yawn fest, but then I rememebered the janice/les storyline.

Was anyone else a little taken aback when he was telling her how he didn't care what happened the next day, he just wanted a night with her? Les was positively romantic without being a jackass there - I mean he was actually seductive. I for one, was suprised.

Chesney was extremely cute with his face asking Les for money and such - that kid keeps getting cuter. Although, I will say, I think I actually sided with Norris on the candy/chips issue. He was right to tell him that you can't get everything you want - so I don't know why Rita snuck the chips in behind his back. Shouldn't this little guy be learning to respect his elders a bit? What kind of signal did Rita send out.

What else happened? Maybe my brain is foggy.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Have I Missed Something?

What happened to Tracey Barlow and the baby? I know I missed some episodes here and there. Did she leave the street? I remember seeing the scrap at Karen and Steve's wedding, but then what happened?

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Treasures and such

My thoughts on Sunday's episode.

I KNEW there was something fishy about buddy's mail order bride! I was wondering why the hell if she was from Thailand she had an English accent. God, can't the writers just pull in some suitable lady friend from our Fred? Did y'all see the pic of his youthful self? Not too shabby.

Come into the light Todd, come out of the G.D. closet! It drove me nuts seeing him and Karl obviously liking each other beyond just the sex. Although, on some level (call me evil or just living vicariously through them) the elicit affair is kind of exciting.

So - from my sister's place, I have scored two books 'Coronation Street - 25 Years' and 'The Language of Coronation Street'. Woo-hoo!

From 'Coronation Street - 25 Years' here's what happened the month I was born (Aug 1966 - for those of you who are curious):

Jerry seeks a divorce from Myra and runs into opposition from her father, George Dickinson. A glowing Annie is nominated by Colonel and Mrs. Atkinstall as a candidate for the Federation of Women's Associations in the local election.

Annie is horrified when Jack insults the Colonel at a British Legion reunion, but all is not lost - Mrs. Arkinstall diplomatically praises Jack's 'unyielding qualities'.


Who the hell are all these people?

Anyway, if you want, let me know your birthdate and I'll dig up what happened.
I'm Here!!!

Thank you to Uta for the welcome.
I've been a Coronation Street fan for well over a decade, and now I have the opportunity to spew about it here.

A few quick observations:

Ok, let's start with Candice.
I love the thorn that is Maria trying to talk logic to a thick chick being taken advantage of by a guy. Maria (and the rest of us) have noticed that Tim only comes around when he wants a bit of bum, and then he's off.
What's up with having a romp right in the middle of your roommates birthday party?
He didn't even stay for a drink..
How long will it be before we meet his wife or girlfriend?

Can someone please comb Brittany's hair?

Les has designs on Janis again, and the thing I most love is how whenever Les is dressing to impress, he always pulls out that old 1980's hair band jacket.

I can't wait for Todd to come out of the closet so that Gail can go off her head and make a spectacle of herself on Rosamund Street.

I also am waiting for the return of psycho Maja's antics.
She's real villain material.

Last but not least, am I the only one who's noticed that Karen has had her orbs augmented? That and hair extensions...

I love how Steve pretended to take her credit cards away...

Well, that's all from me for now....

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


According to his site, Sir Ian is coming on the show as a novelist.

So this begs the question, if you were going to be on Corrie, what would your character be all about?

I have to think about this one because the temptation is to be either:

a) A Bet Lynch clone

b) The much needed street therapist. Although I'd be the Dr. Phil kind of therapist who offers no real solutions, just catch phrases. 'You need to get real!' and 'Don't put the dog on the lead and pretend it's a cat!'

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Welcome Ramila!

Wow, there are now three of us.... more discussions, yeah!

Monday, March 14, 2005


Am I the ONLY one who couldn't understand everyone's indifference to Chesney?

Everyone's 'well he can't stay here' attitude kind of amazed me. Why does foster care seem so acceptable to everyone on the show?

But then again, I've been kind of stressed about how the dogs have been fairing also. All through all the other human drama I kept freaking out, 'Where in the HELL is the greyhound?' I get easily distracted by that.

The mail-order bride thing kind of makes my skin crawl and I really hope Fred doesn't go down that route. I LOVED Betty's face though behind him while they were talking, too funny.

Ashley wants to know why Claire lied to her mom? um, cause mom seems a little certifiable. But good for Claire not moving directly into his home. I think she needs the space.

Gossip that I heard this weekend is that Ian McKellen will be joining the show in about 3 months. So I guess that means we won't seem him for 9 months - and I believe he's coming on as an art dealer.

Friday, March 04, 2005


okay - I got to remember to blog more often on this! Eek.

BTW - anyone who wants to sign up to be a co-author on this blog, just let me know at We're looking for more input.

Now, Eileen in my opinion gets mom of the year award. She really loves her kids.

I love the interaction between her Todd. The script has been fantastic because you can see this mom trying to help her son and work through this problem, but not being able to leave 'sarah's not good enough for you' issue alone, which in turn makes him turn away from mom. This kind of pulling away and coming back action I find really natural. Can't you see that happening in real life?

I almost fell off my chair btw, when Sarah had the baby scare. I thought - man that's just far too cruel of a plot twist.