Friday, February 11, 2005


How long have you been watching Coronation Street?
What is its appeal to you?

I have been watching for about three years - Just as Sarah went into the hospital to have Bethany, and Martin was cheating on Gail with some nurse.

It appeals to me because the story lines are based around everyday people, and the stories are fast paced so they don't get boring. I can't stand American soap operas where every one is rich and dress beautifully - it is so unrealistic (at least in my world). I think I also like to see the English towns, shops etc... it reminds me somewhat of when I lived in Germany (the closest I can get as I don't get German TV). I did spend some time in London, and I really loved it there - so those memories are reflected in Corrie as well.


Jacqueline said...

On and off since birth.

Seriously, about 21 years, my sister got me turned on and I was hooked.

I didn't watch it through my uni days, and for a bit, but this year I've jumped right back in with a passion.

I do miss the likes of Bette and Hilda Ogden.

What I like about Corrie too is that they are willing to take on some touchy issues -e.g. sex change, homosexuality. Kudos to them!

And the realism, let's face it, you're more likely to be pissed at someone for spilling bear on yourself than taking over control of your publicly traded company.

I did try to watch Eastenders - but I had no idea what they were saying.

LDF said...

I've been watching since I was a pre-teen, and that's a lot of years ago!

I also like Corrie for the realism. American soaps that feature nurses with enormous fingernails and million-dollar wardrobes are just plain annoying! I like the fact that Corrie characters look rough in the morning, struggle to pay their bills, and dress like ordinary working folk.

It's also great the way they tackle real life issues, and I do wish Todd would just hurry up and surrender to the inevitable!

Anonymous said...

Ken and Vera? Vera and Ken??? You're messing with my mind here, seriously!!!