Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Post weekend post

Okay - I waited until the weekend to post, just in case some people don't watch Corrie during the week.

#1 - Yes Todd, come on out, come into the light and be gay. We really, really need you to. Don't worry we'll all stand by Sarah (c'mon if the girl can survive her mom's last boyfriend, she'll survive this). But you got to come out now.

Any thoughts on Karl's approach to getting Todd to come out? I think he's right to push the issue, but sometimes I think his timing leaves a little do be desired. Like Todd should desert Sarah while on an errand for chips and coke. So the pregnant girl can sit for hours worried that her man was hit by a car??

#2 - Yes, I applaud Corrie St. for addressing current issues, but I'm not quite sure if I'm ready for Jack and Vera's sex life.

#3 - I didn't realize that Sally and Kevin only got back together for the kids. Has there been any love in that household?

#4 - Maya - okay girl, you are evil. And Dev - if you're saying that the girl is certifiable why are you marrying her? hmm? Didn't she try to kill you in her car once?

#5 - Question - who's your vote for hottest character on C.S. past or present? I'll have to give this some thought myself.


LDF said...

I didn't catch all of yesterday's CS (stupid building fire alarm! I mean, really! The person burning toast couldn't have waited another ten minutes???). How disappointing!

1. Karl's approach to coaxing Todd 'out' is a bit pushy, but I suppose if it wasn't Karl it would be someone else. Come on, Todd! Face facts already!

2. Jack and Vera's sex life? I'm not even attempting to envision that, are you???

3. Sally ... mother of a reluctant teenaged star. Annoying. But she's been annoying before, hasn't she? I kind of feel sorry for Kev, decent and sensible hard-working bloke, stuck with the likes of Sal.

4. Maya ... give your head a shake there, Dev! Did she kill Monica the dog? If so, that REALLY proves what a nasty piece of work she is! I'm predicting more evil from Miss Maya.

5. Hottest? The only image that jumps out to fit that description is Jim MacDonald, father of Steve and Andy. He's just such a ... a bad boy with a great accent! Kind of Kieren-ish, but 'badder'.

anyone said...

#1 - I'm finding Karl to be almost too pushy. I started out liking the character, but now I just feel disgusted. If Todd is going to come out, and he should, he doesn't need Karl goading him. You know, reverse psychology - Todd will dig in and not admit to being gay.

#2 - Almost lost it when Vera went on about Jack's department downstairs. Ugh!

#3 - Sally has turned into the mother from hell. Let the girl live her life without trying to make her into something she's not. Poor Kevin - he is completely hen pecked!

#4 - Maya = WACKO. No more needs to be said.

#5 - Hottest character... Dennis in the personality department but definately Matt or Kieran in looks. Hmmm... I wonder if Matt will be returning to Corrie once baby Joshua gets a little older?

Anonymous said...

I watch this show almost every day.tottaly addicted and have been for a long time now.
my favorite member would have to be Ashley.
and Sally is driving me crazy