Monday, February 07, 2005

One of the best episodes in a long time

Where Bev losing her freakin' mind.

She's already without her daughter, she's starting to lose it on the customers and Betty quits.

So what's the appropriate course of action? Sexually harrass Kieren and then can him for not sleeping with you!

I LOVE IT! (Maybe because I'm always 3 steps away from doing something that stupid myself.)

And Cilla getting caught with the credit card? I love seeing her get a kick in the ass - I just have to say that. Although I'm surprised that this bothered Les as much as it did.


anyone said...

OH NO.... I missed yesterday's episode, because I lead Brownie meetings on Monday afternoons. I better go check what's been going on at

I just knew that Cilla had the credit card - who else could drop so low?

Ang said...

eeks! I'm so happy I stumbled on this.... Unfortunately due to work and my sunday morning running class it seems I miss it ALL THE TIME! I will bother you next time I miss something good and get confused....
- loved the credit card thing
- have martin and 'the girl' been on much lately - i kinda missed how that whole thing sorted out after the accident