Wednesday, January 12, 2005


I had to do it.

After watching Coronation Street each week and not having ANYONE in my life to chat with, I've decided to create the Canadian Coronation Street Blog.


Here we can chat about the show and give our two bits about the characters and plots.

Feel free to add comments, or if you wish, I can make you a member and you can do your own blog entries.

PLEASE NOTE: Canadians see episodes of Coronation Street that are 6 months behind the current ones shown in Britain. If you are British - please keep this in mind when adding comments - don't say stuff like, 'Wasn't that mad when Jack Duckworth became Prime Minister and started having an affair with Princess Anne?'

Now - for the good stuff.

#1 - Gayle is insane. She has been insane from day one and having a chimpmonk face does not make me love her anymore.

#2 - Steve MacDonald's mom has got to GO HOME NOW. Granted, Karen is excitable, but I think the girl has enough to endure with having to live with her mother-in-law.

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Tom said...

But it's true! Jack Duckworth does become Prime Minister and he does have an affair with Princess Anne.