Friday, January 28, 2005

Todd and Carl

How on earth did Carl manage to 'move in' with Sarah and Todd? Carl has been dropping enough hints around Todd an everyone else. When is someone going to put two and two together?

As to the earlier question about if Sarah knew that Todd kissed her brother... yes, Todd told her about the kiss because Nick said that if Todd didn't tell her, he would. Todd insisted that he was not gay, and had only kissed Nick because he felt so comfortable with him (or something like that)

So, it would seem that Sarah should be worried, Carl is gay and staying in their little flat with her boyfriend who admits to having kissed another man.

Open your eyes Sarah... it's just a matter of time before Todd and Carl are doing the nasty.


Jacqueline said...

Remember - this is a gal who says that Carl is the first gay person she's ever talked to.

How can that be? How freakin' small is Weatherfield? Has she never been anywhere else?

Although if I was 16 (or whatever) with one kid and another on the way with a guy who might be gay - I'd be swimming up de-nile too.

carlos_881672 said...

do you know were i can find clips and videos or the dvd showing this whole "todd and karl" episode. plz help me.

thank you