Monday, January 31, 2005

Martin and the girl

His girlfriend I can't remember.

Is it a little creepy or is it just me?

If she were just a few years older it probably wouldn't bug me too much.

Did the actor who plays Martin read the script and go 'eeew'?

Friday, January 28, 2005

Todd and Carl

How on earth did Carl manage to 'move in' with Sarah and Todd? Carl has been dropping enough hints around Todd an everyone else. When is someone going to put two and two together?

As to the earlier question about if Sarah knew that Todd kissed her brother... yes, Todd told her about the kiss because Nick said that if Todd didn't tell her, he would. Todd insisted that he was not gay, and had only kissed Nick because he felt so comfortable with him (or something like that)

So, it would seem that Sarah should be worried, Carl is gay and staying in their little flat with her boyfriend who admits to having kissed another man.

Open your eyes Sarah... it's just a matter of time before Todd and Carl are doing the nasty.

Thursday, January 20, 2005


Does Sarah know that Todd kissed her brother?

The boy is having a breakdown. I think it was that he realized that he wasn't reaching his full potential career-wise and then his whole charade house of cards lie of a life came crashing down.

I have to say I admire the writers on this show for dealing with issues like this.

Next in line for a breakdown - Fred.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

New Member!

Welcome Uta from B.C.! That takes our memembership to 2 people - yaaaaaaah!

If anyone wants to join us just drop me a line at

Now here's the important questions

1) Who's your favorite character of all time?

2) Who's your least favorite.

I'd have to say Bette will always be my most favorite Corrie person. I aspire to be her - such style!

Least favorite - hands down is Gayle. I think it's a personality conflict, but whenever I see her sobbing face on the screen, I want to throw something at it. She's always been weird and I think she's just getting weirder.

Monday, January 17, 2005

What Do with a Problem like Tracey

Tracey Barlow.....truly is one of the most evil characters to grace my television screen.

And sooooooooooo easily forgiven by her family. 'You ran over puppies for a new dress?! That's terrible. But we'll support you when the villagers come knocking on our door with torches.'

The christening fiasco - even though I'm not a violent person, I can understand Karen's wrath. And I can't believe more people are pissed at Tracey for the wedding trick.

My sister said that they should sue her for cancelling the wedding plans. Mainly because Tracey is the kind of person who gets off on other people's anger. Making her pay money would hurt her more.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


I had to do it.

After watching Coronation Street each week and not having ANYONE in my life to chat with, I've decided to create the Canadian Coronation Street Blog.


Here we can chat about the show and give our two bits about the characters and plots.

Feel free to add comments, or if you wish, I can make you a member and you can do your own blog entries.

PLEASE NOTE: Canadians see episodes of Coronation Street that are 6 months behind the current ones shown in Britain. If you are British - please keep this in mind when adding comments - don't say stuff like, 'Wasn't that mad when Jack Duckworth became Prime Minister and started having an affair with Princess Anne?'

Now - for the good stuff.

#1 - Gayle is insane. She has been insane from day one and having a chimpmonk face does not make me love her anymore.

#2 - Steve MacDonald's mom has got to GO HOME NOW. Granted, Karen is excitable, but I think the girl has enough to endure with having to live with her mother-in-law.